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Movement production, Movement stress and aids, Movement monitoring and feedback, Biomaterials, Models
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Methods, devices and procedures, Interfaces and environments, (Bio)materials, Augmented reality and feedback, Virtual movement (Cinema, advertising and computer games)
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Sport (Training control), Physiotherapy (Training optimization), Engineering and Ergonomics (Customized solutions), Prosthesis and orthotics (Diagnosing), Dental medicine (Prescribing), Medicine (Monitoring), Basic sciences (Appealing pedagogical tools)
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Sport, Physiotherapy, Engineering (Biomedical, Mechanical, and Civil), Prosthesis and orthotics, Ergonomics, Dental medicine (Human and Veterinarian), Basic sciences (Physics, Biology, Math)

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LABIOMEP – Porto Biomechanics Laboratory – is a technological center of the University of Porto dedicated to scientific and technological research, innovation, teaching, providing specialized technical services and to transference of knowledge and technology (product development) in Biomechanics, whether human or animal, of ergonomic, clinical, sports or biomimetic interest (design, computer animation, model development, etc.). LABIOMEP’s mission is to catalyze the growth potential and competitive edge of University of Porto in all domains directly or indirectly related to Biomechanics, including the interaction with the productive structures.

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